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December 5, 2009 Posted by Home and Fashion
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The Council's Landscape Design Unit has been in existence since the early 1970's and provides a complete professional landscape service. Whilst originally set up to service the Council's client departments we are increasingly working on a consultancy basis for an expanding range of clients outside the Council.
Over the years we have built up an impressive portfolio of projects that involve landscape planning, landscape architecture and urban design. We have also developed an impressive network of contacts with the regulatory and advisory parts of the Council and other agencies.
We believe our success is built upon our commitment to the following:
To provide the best quality professional landscape planning and environmental design service in the Bradford District to enhance the quality of life for all its people
To create projects of imagination and worth for our clients, whilst ensuring that cost targets and completion dates are met.
Effective communication at all times.
Continuous improvement.
We understand the needs for an informed and holistic approach to all projects that we are involved with. In particular the need to understand the relationships between environment, image and social and economic regeneration.

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