The Most Amazing Landscape Wallpapers

February 25, 2010 Posted by Home and Fashion
Hamad Darwish is quite frankly one of the best landscape photographers I have seen.
You may have heard his story before… an amateur photographer who uploaded his photographs to Flickr and ended up receiving an offer from Microsoft.
Of the 6000 images he took, Microsoft bought 5 and 2 made it into the Vista Wallpaper pack.
I think the above image is amazing, and it featured on my desktop long before I had Vista.
I pity the Microsoft employee’s who’s job it was sifting through all his thousands of photos and choosing just a mere two. In fact looking at these I would have struggled to pick out even 10 that are the best.
If you liked the wallpapers that came with Vista then check these out. I All these are copyright Hamad Darwish.

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