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March 17, 2010 Posted by Home and Fashion
PhD Student
Department of Geography
McGill University

My dissertation at McGill focuses on coastal landscape change in eastern James Bay, Quebec, during the mid to late Holocene. I investigate rates, pathways and drivers of coastal landscape change on a continuously uplifting postglacial coastline. I look at the coupled effects of climate change, shoreline displacement, and autogenic ecological succession on landscape dynamics and resource availability for indigenous communities. My work seeks to explain, from an environmental perspective, the patterns of paleo-indian occupation and the environmental impact of early peoples in north-eastern Canada.
Part of a larger European Science Foundation project dealing with “Social change and the environment in Nordic prehistory”, my work bridges comparisons with similar geographical contexts in western Finland, where complementary efforts are underway.
Top Landscape
Wetlands and boreal forests make up the typical James Bay landscape.

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