Green Garden Landscape

April 27, 2010 Posted by Home and Fashion
Green Exterior Garden Landscape Design Architecture at Malang East Java Indonesia

Green exterior design is about architecture artistic on outdoor. It’s different with interior design on house. Exterior design architecture can use and explore many styles from nature or environment. Green exterior design using green principles when design some home, house, road, bridge and another. At Malang, East Java Indonesia, we can see about green exterior using to make art of green residence.
green garden landscape
This green exterior design landscape design architecture use tree to makes green color. Decorating some green garden around the landscape give nice touching of view. Usage of green gardening in some road makes it looks conformable. This architecture need a lot of attention too.
green garden landscape
Makes green exterior landscape design usually use tree to make colorfull and beautiful combination. Landscape architecture gardening can be found at malang East Java.

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