Best Landscape Design

May 3, 2010 Posted by Home and Fashion
Best Landscape Design


Phillip Johnson Sustainable Landscape Systems takes out garden show award

HABITAT – a sustainable landscape design by Phillip Johnson Sustainable Landscape Systems – has won the Gold Show Garden Award and Best in Show at the 14 th annual Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (MIFGS).

The garden design takes into account ever-increasing water restrictions and the issues raised by climate change. Described as a “spellbinding billabong oasis” HABITAT showcases the natural beauty of Australia.

Over 600m2 the installation at the MIFGS contains native plants – including Boabs, Eucalytpus, Lomandra, Banksia and Acacia – with billabongs and running water features a focus of the design.

All but two of the materials used in HABITAT were sourced within a 100km radius of the site and the installation, unsually, includes animals – with fish that can be caught and cooked.

This expansive installation explores a number of ‘outdoor rooms’ of Australian landscapes – all considering water conservation, capture, storage and efficient use – and includes a vegetable garden and orchard.

Johnson hopes the win signals a change in views toward landscape design.

“I hope that our achievements at MIFGS are the next step in creating a serious shift in landscape design – to designs that promote self sufficiency and are truly sustainable - using native and indigenous plants, intelligent water capture and conservation techniques, solar power, and the use of local and recycled materials.” 

“If we can create a movement whereby people really understand the benefits of implementing these principles, then we start to assist the environment and nature to heal itself, one urban or rural backyard at a time,” Phillip says.

 Best Landscape Design

Best Landscape Design

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