Top American Landscape

May 15, 2010 Posted by Home and Fashion

Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa and…. Illinois!

After CO our plan was to pretty much drive directly to our destination with short stops for anything that came up. From Rocky Mtn Park we drove northward into Wyoming. While we were crossing the state line into Wyoming, it started to rain and we saw an incredible rainbow. We took a detour to chase the spectacular rainbow and enjoy it. It was so beautiful over the golden summer fields of WY which could be considered a classic American landscape.

Top American Landscape
We then drove through WY and Nebraska for 3-4 hours on the and reached the town of North Platte which is basically a highway town on the 80. Here we camped at a private campsite right by the freeway for the night and decided to get out of there early in the morning. Manish was in one of his “anxious” moods and Anu could sense that he just wanted to get to Urbana-Champaign. So by the time Anu woke up, Manish was showered and champing at the bit. After this we drove pretty much non stop to Champaign (about 760 miles) theough Iowa with stops for food, gas, and photographs.

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