Unique Landscape Lighting

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Hadco NightLife Copper Landscape Lighting

Unique Landscape Lighting
Hadco NightLife CUL Series Copper Landscape Lighting
Set your landscaping apart with the elegant beauty of all-copper, low-voltage lighting fixtures from HADCO. Copper is unique when compared to other materials because it ages gracefully with time, adding character and individuality.
Great care is taken in the manufacturing process to assure the highest quality appearance and performance. Stems and roofs are made of only the finest copper alloys, with brass or copper fitters hand-machined from solid material for an absolutely perfect fit. HADCO even finishes the underside of the roof in a white powder coating to ensure uniform illumination.
HADCO's NightLife CUL line is available in many styles for accent, path, step and deck illumination applications. The Wide array of styles combined with durable rustic beauty makes these copper luminaires the landscape fixture of choice.

Unique Landscape Lighting
Spun solid copper roof.
Rolled edges for sturdy construction and eliminating sharp edges.
Underside of roof has white powder coat finish for superior adhesion and enhanced reflectance
Unique Landscape Lighting

Borosilicate glass sprinkler shield frosted for uniform light distribution.
Machined solid brass construction. 

Unique Landscape Lighting

Solid brass threaded fitter for tool-less relamping
Stem base with internally-mounted machined brass fitter.
(CUL10 shown)


Unique Landscapes by Griffin

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Description: Take a vacation in your Arizona Backyard! Incredible arizona landscaping and outdoor landscape lighting in Phoenix, AZ

led landscape lighting
When it comes to your landscape lighting needs and desire, does efficiency trump style? That is a personal question, and only one you can answer, but I will provide some statistics for you.
LED’s, or Light Emitting Diodes, generate a warmish white light that is cool to the touch, at 2800 Kelvin temperature. Using a 2,000 square foot home as the measurement, and 340 watt a day for 6 hours, @ 10.64 cents per kilowatt hour, LED’s come in at 80.2 watt per comparable system, a 75% savings!
With Standard lighting fixtures averaging $762.50 versus LED’s at $1412.50, you save money on the original purchase at the outset. But transformers for standard run $1,070.00 versus $647.50 for LED transformers. And the cost of lamps for standard: $1,560.00. For LED’s: $0.00. Nothing, Zip!
Electricity for standard” $1447.04 versus $341.33 for LED’s.  Now that’s what I call energy efficient lighting. Total savings for using LED’s : $2,401.33. That’s four times the cost differential on the original purchase. Plus, it is better for the environment, and you get about 40,000 hours of use on the system before the LED’s fade away. That’s over 18 years! You could give birth to a child, and send them to college in that time frame before you have to think about changing your landscape lighting.
So what’s the downside? Style selection, no doubt. There is just a heck of a lot more outside landscape lighting fixtures on the market, in a plethora of styles like traditional, transitional, gothic, Victorian, Mediterranean, etc. So if you have an older, more traditional home, you probably don’t want modern LED light systems as part of your d├ęcor.
Of course, when the electric bill comes, you may sing a different tune. As I said upfront, it is a personal decision.

Unique Landscape Lighting
The Ainsley Square Heron Centerpiece Landscape Path Light by Kichler Lighting is a bird of a different feather. This fine feathered friend adds new meaning to the phrase, “You light up my derriere.” With an adjustable neck and head, this lovely piece is available in both brass for coastal environments and die-cast aluminum for non-salt air environments. A definite unique Path Light, your garden, walkways, pathways, courtyards, near gazebos, or to act as a scarecrow, the Ainsley aims to please. The dimensions are Measures 38 1/2″ High, adjustable by pose. It Measures 11 1/2″ to 21 1/2″ profile, adjustable by pose. It Uses one 16.25-watt Kichler 921X bulb (included), and includes 14″ in-ground mounting stake. It also includes 30″ power cable with connector. So definitly not for the birds, and certainly not a turkey, you should plan on gobbling up this fixture for the holidays, before it becomes extinct.

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