The Best 6 Outdoor Lighting

June 10, 2010 Posted by Home and Fashion
Cast Iron Street Light Outdoor Lighting
Cast Iron Street Light Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Fixture

Outdoor lighting can be a very exciting way of decorating the exterior of your office or home.
Where you place your outdoor lighting fixtures and the amount of lighting that you choose will give your property the desired appearance.There are many different style of fixtures that can help you achieve any type of ambience. Be sure that when choosing your lighting fixtures the you do not forget that security and safety must be one of your main priorities.
Combining your outdoor lighting fixtures with a timer or photo-cell will enhance the look and provide a peace of mind when you are away from your residence. Some people may choose a motion-detector sensor for the front and back of their house, this ensures adequate light for their guests and intruders!
Place the sensor away from any shrubs or trees for they may be triggered by a simple movement. For outdoor lighting the range of the sensor will depend on your needs, a sensor with a small range will be perfect for the front and back doors.
Consider using quartz halogen motion lighting or floodlighting to save energy. Make sure to change the light bulbs of any of your outdoor lighting before any major change in weather for it is important to ensure that the quality of illumination will always be consistent.
Preventative measures are very important when mounting an outdoor light so before starting any project be sure to read the instruction manuals that are included with your outdoor lighting fixtures to lower the probability of accidents.

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Solar-powered outdoor lighting system from Corona

 solarpowered outdoor lighting system from corona

If you cast a quick glance at it, this shining thing appears much like a UFO, but this galactical thing is nothing else but a new solar powered outdoor lighting system from Corona.
Designed by Tokyo born industrial designer Shane Kohatsu, this solar light is equipped with a voltaic cell that absorbs sunlight during the day, transforming it into energy. As the sun sets, it’s LEDs automatically start to glow and beautify the surrounding.
This light can be easily attached to a variety of surfaces or can be simply placed on the table top.
The solar light carries enough charm to transmit you into a different world.

Cool Foscarini Patio Outdoor Lighting

Cool Foscarini Patio Outdoor Lighting
Here are some cool outdoor pendant lamps by Foscarini. Your outdoor lighting setup is sure to be enhanced with these great flowing pendant lamps. These fixtures make a bold statement if that is what you are looking for in your outdoor patio design. I like the long tapered fixtures that hang vertically. The vertical flow is appealing for me as it appears as a light sculpture as opposed to traditional light fixtures attached horizontally to a roof or awning. The Foscarini pendant lamps can create many looks depending on how you choose to arrange them. Havana pendant lamps were created by designer, Jozeph Forakis.

Landscape Light

Landscape Light

This 12-volt well light offers a simple way to add lots of style to landscape design. Made with an adjustable tilting lamp, the fixture is made from injection-molded PBT composite and measures 4 3/4 inches wide with a 4 1/2-inch depth. It uses a 20-watt MR16 bulb and comes in black or bronze.
Orbit/Evergreen Landscape Lightin

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