Landscape Design for Light

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Landscape Design for Light

Description & Application

What is Illumiclip™

Here are a few descriptions of Illumiclip™
  • Illumiclip™ is a specially designed Clip, which attaches to landscape vinyl, steel, & aluminum edgings.   
  • Illumiclip™ is designed to attach snugly to the top portion of landscape edging and cradle a rope light, virtually without any sagging between each clip for an illuminated border at night.
  • Illumiclip™ is designed to attach to the top portion of landscape edging every few inches apart following the length of the edging.
  • Once Illumiclip™ has been attached to the edging and the rope light has been placed into the cradle, the lights are ready to be turned on giving any landscape bed or border an illuminated appearance.
  • Illumiclip™ is ideal for year round use, whether it be summer time, using a white rope light for a soft glow, or for the holidays, using colored rope lights.
  • Illumiclip™ with its special design and working along with rope lights, allow landscape beds and borders to be lit up at night. Illumiclip™ helps to illuminate the inside of landscape beds, showing off the colors of flowers and plants within, and the design of the landscape beds during nighttime hours.
  • Illumiclip™ not only aids in the decoration of the landscape beds, but also serves as an additional safety feature by allowing unseen areas at night to be illuminated, keeping people from wandering into landscape beds and causing a possible injury to themselves and/or the property.
  • Illumiclip™ is an excellent fit for commercial & residential landscape edgings.
  • There is no other competitive product on the market like Illumiclip™.


 Landscape Design for Light

 Steps for attaching Illumiclip™ to your edging 

Landscape Design for Light
1. Clear away dirt and debris   
Landscape Design for Light
2.  Attach Illumiclip™  
Landscape Design for Light
3. Snap in the rope light

Not only is Illumiclip™ ideal for Common rope lighting but is also ideal for Solar rope lighting as well.

Landscape Design for Light
Landscape Design for Light


Illumiclip™ once attached can be placed in many positions, upright, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, etc.
You can also get creative and apply multiple strands of rope light along your edging by staggering your clips.
This only applies to the larger clips fitting the 1 inch bead.
The clips will stay snug in place once they have been attached to the edging.

Landscape Design for Light

Landscape Design for Light

Landscape Design for Light
Illuminate the colors of your landscape,
                and let the beauty shine.
Landscape Design for Light
Please click the picture above to observe trimming along a section of edging displaying the Illumiclip™ & rope light. Notice that while trimming the clips and rope light are undisturbed.
Landscape Design for Light
Light Up Your Landscape Design!
Landscape Design for Light
Illumination with flare!

Some comments about Illumiclip™
"As an owner of a landscape business, I would use this product on my jobs and my own home landscapes as well."
Lee Meeker from Rock and Garden Landscape, Kalamazoo MI

"This is a great product for people who really invest in the landscaping around their home. A convenient way to decorate and illuminate flowerbeds or other areas of a home."
Joyce Hasse, Kalamazoo MI

"Best way to use a holiday lighting product all year round."
Tom O'malley from Stap Brothers Lawn and Landscape, Scotts MI

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