Online Landscape Design

June 4, 2010 Posted by Home and Fashion
Online Landscape Design

Award Winning Landscape Designs

EarthCity Landscapes is designed to provide you with high quality garden design online and custom landscape design. We have been creating award winning gardens and beautiful landscapes since 1987 at a variety of scales, from small urban courtyards to large country estates. With our backgrounds in architecture, art and horticulture, we are expert at integrating inside and out, home and garden, extending your living space into the natural world. The character of a garden can be changed enormously by simple means skillfully executed. Our ability to create a custom garden design that satisfies your needs and aspirations can provide real dividends in the value of your property as well as in your daily enjoyment of it.
A garden can be a sanctuary for nature, a place where birds come to sing, and where the ever changing colours and forms of living things are at home, and it can be a sanctuary for the human heart, a place to relax, extend, converse, enjoy, a place to be. Stone, wood, metal, water- we know how to work with materials and with space to create a timeless place, a meeting of nature and nurture for you. An undistinguished space invisible in its ordinariness becomes a work of art and growth through changing light and seasons. Online landscape design by EarthCity gives you a place to live on the earth on the web.

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