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Country Landscape Design Ideas

The quaint gardens of yesteryear are the origin for most of today’s most elegant country landscape design ideas. Throughout time, gardening has been a vital part of existence. During the 17th century, gardens and cultivation evolved into much more than sources for foods and medicinal ingredients. Lush landscapes, full of colorful and fragrant blooms, surrounded most homes and cottages, providing a relaxing and beautiful outdoor extension to their living space.  European country gardens first appeared around charming English cottages during the Tudor period of the 1600‘s. Flourishing blooms brightened the pathways that wound through the aromatic beds of vegetables and herbs for the kitchen and romantic, flower draped arbors provided a relaxing place to enjoy the beauty of the fragrant and lush garden. Click here to enjoy the romance of a country garden.

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Country Landscape Accessories

he most popular country landscape design ideas incorporate elements that reflect the relaxed elegance of the Mediterranean, the rustic charm of Old World Europe, and the simple beauty of nature.

Choose accessories that complement the overall theme of your garden, as well as the modern style of your home.

Here are some ideas that I would recommend:
• Gazebos, terraces with wooden, wrought iron, or teak patio furniture, and other sitting areas are attractive and are ideal for outdoor living and entertaining.
• Protect flower beds and herb gardens with decorative iron or quaint wooden picket fences.
• Design pathways that lead to a vine covered arbor overlooking a decorative pond and rustic wooden footbridge.
• Old World style accessories bring a look of times gone by to your country landscape design. Suggestions include sundials, aged concrete birdbaths, benches and rustic statues.
• Bright, vivid colors suggest a French country garden design. Integrate colors into your d├ęcor with outdoor pillows, tableware, and planters.
• Fresh and dried flower arrangements from your garden add a romantic touch to your outdoor area.
• Terracotta, natural pottery, and neutral toned containers are recommended as well.

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Retaining Wall Ideas

There are several different types of garden walls, in many shapes and sizes. Retaining walls are popular landscape design ideas that add both beauty and value to your property. This type of garden wall is often used to alter the appearance of hills and grades or may be built near the edge of the yard for extreme curb appeal. Before adding any type of garden wall to your landscape design, there are a number of things to consider including the building materials, drainage, and the size and purpose of the wall. Building these kinds of walls should left to the experts. We would be happy to provide you with recommendations of landscape architects, contractors and garden designers who can assist you in garden wall design and construction, as well as guidelines for planning a solid and beautiful retaining wall.
Designing and building a proper retaining wall is no easy task and requires the help of an experienced landscape architect and contractor. Fill out our contact form to schedule a complementary consultation with one of our landscape professionals.
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The Four-Part Master Plan

The design techniques used to create a functional outdoor area are a critical part of landscape planning , regardless of the size, shape, or natural features of your land. One of the most renowned names in landscape design, Dargan Landscape Architects, is an elite garden design team founded by Hugh and Mary Palmer Dargan in 1973.For more than 30 years, the Dargans have created some of the most elaborate and beautifully detailed garden plans at many of the finest homes and establishments across the world.
After studying several of their award winning landscape design ideas, the Dargans recognized four central elements in each and every garden plan no matter how different they may be.
In their book Timeless Landscape Design: The Four-Part Master Plan they share the ideas behind this time tested process and explain how it naturally adapts itself to the largest estate gardens right down to the smallest of townhouse plots to ensure an attractive, intriguing, and useful outdoor space.

Here is an outline of this classic landscape design process:
1. Approach and arrival - This refers to the importance of guiding visitors from the road directly to your front door in an inviting and pleasant manner. The style and design of your front yard will influence the first impressions of your home and property.
2. The Hub - Your entire outdoor design should center around the style and appearance of your home. Choose a theme, a color scheme, and outdoor accessories that complement the structure your property showcases.
3. The Perimeter - Functional outdoor living rooms are extensions of your home so it is important to integrate your functional outdoor space with similar rooms inside your home. Connect the outdoor and indoor living areas with doors and blend the natural and modern styles by accessorizing your landscape design with similar furnishings, colors, and decor.
4. Passages and destinations - Paths and walkways are just as essential to your landscape design ideas as plant life and outdoor furniture. The materials used, the look and style of the walkways, and where the garden paths lead help to define the overall atmosphere of your outdoor space.
These four components of landscape design planning can be found in every luxurious and appealing garden design, but there are many different landscape design ideas that are specifically for certain types of yards. The Landscape Design Advisor has adopted many of the ideas listed above and it is one of the driving philosophies that is practiced by our professional landscape design team.
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