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July 26, 2010 Posted by Home and Fashion


There are many types of Lighting you can use to create a real wow factor within your home. Chandeliers have made a comeback in a big way, from the traditional crystal pendant type to modern stainless steel and glass in a range of very funky styles. These are great in a foyer or entry way of the ceiling is high enough, but there are other ways to still have a chandelier if you don't have these.
Kitchen Lighting is important not only for aesthetics but also functionality. It's imperative to have task lights over a countertop for safety when preparing food and now this can also be used as a feature.  A cleverly planned kitchen light design can look amazing at night, and be a real feature in the home. It can also offer ambient illumination at night for adjacent areas. LED Lighting has become very popular in kitchens as it is low heat emitting and low energy consuming. This means it can be left on for hours with minimal risk, and won't be generating heat within cupboards.
scavolini mood kitchen under cabinet lighting
Pendants are a great way to create features in a space, particularly in kitchens over island benches, and over dining tables. There are many beautiful pendants availabel from traditional wrought iron, to simple drum shades in fabrics or glass. With pendants, the actual fixture is usually the feature, rather than the light emitted.
royal lighting
Feature lights can also be used in other areas of the home, both inside and out. Bathrooms can be turned into sanctuaries with the flick of a switch or a dimming switch, and even heated at the same time.
Feature Lighting can be created by washing up or down walls, especially those with a feature stone cladding, which will show beautiful textures, as well as highlighting pictures and ornaments.
Outside in the garden, lights can create a real wow factor as well. Trees can be made into sculptural focal points, Lights along steps and pathways add ambience and safety to the garden. Pool illumination  has entered a whole new era with once again, the improvements in LED technology. This type of Lighting comes in a wide variety of colors which can also change for different effects. Use LED lights in water features as well, and with the water cascading, you can achieve lovely ripple effects on walls and roofs.
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