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Located adjacent to, and partially within the Liscomb Game Sanctuary, Boggy Lake Wilderness Area covers 3,700 hectares, most of which is located in Guysborough County. A small area along the western margin is located within Halifax County. This natural area is part of the Eastern Shore (Moser River) Drumlins Natural Landscape and is characterized by well-defined drumlins with mature to immature old-growth sugar maple, yellow birch, and beech forests, that sit in a matrix of well drained coniferous hummocky terrain.

Natural Drumlins Natural
The well-defined deciduous drumlin ecosystems within the Boggy Lake Wilderness Area are of exceptional value because of their immature old-growth forests and associated vegetation, and their dominant distribution among the other ecosystems in the wilderness area.
The Wilderness Area also protects portions of several watersheds.
The area offers excellent recreational opportunities for hiking and paddling, including modest opportunities for multi-day trips. Hiking is moderately easy on the deciduous drumlin complexes and is well suited to day trips, and extended overnight trips are also possible. The undisturbed deciduous forest provides exceptional wilderness travel experiences, and numerous interpretive opportunities. Anglers enjoy some of the lakes and waterways.
The Wilderness Area contains 6 lakes and approximately 15 kilometres of canoe routes. Canoe opportunities are primarily associated with the larger lakes - Boggy, Middle, and Square Lakes, and may involve day trips or extended overnight trips. The principal canoe route in the wilderness area begins at an access point on Round Lake, situated on the southwestern boundary of the wilderness area, and continues into Boggy Lake, which is centrally located in the wilderness area. This trip includes the Melopseketch Stillwater and totals approximately 10 kilometres of canoe-navigable waterways. During high water, this route can be extended northward into Middle Lake, adding approximately 2 more kilometres to the total length of the trip. A canoe route also exists along the southwestern perimeter of the Boggy Lake Wilderness Area. This route continues between Long Lake and Round Lake, and includes sections of white water.

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