Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Every Home & Garden

July 20, 2010 Posted by Home and Fashion

Single-Light Sebring Post Lantern

Outdoor Landscape Lighting
Outdoor lighting is the fastest and easiest way to make a great impression on every visitor to your home. As the first impression they receive of your home and the last thing they see when they leave, outdoor lighting greets guests warmly and escorts them to safety. Although these duties can be fulfilled by even the simplest of outdoor fixtures, choosing functional and decorative fixtures creates an inviting ambiance and welcomes guests into your home or your yard with style.
Outdoor Landscape Lighting

 Single-Light Prarie Outdoor Wall Lantern

Proper, subtle outdoor lighting can turn homes that are ordinary by day into works of art at night. Homeowners can show their creativity by dramatizing their flowerbeds with hidden floor lights. Create a mysterious aura by projecting the shadows of trees or garden statues onto the walls of the home. Project an ambiance of romanticism onto a home by highlighting trees with an upward-facing garden light. For a look of classic sophistication, consumers can match their outdoor fixtures to their inside lights. With so many beautiful outdoor fixtures from which to choose, many consumers have begun to use outdoor fixtures inside, thereby creating a flawless, uniform look throughout the home. Alternatively, by installing an outdoor light fixture that contrasts with the home’s inner décor, homeowners reflect their flair for creativity and unique style. Choosing outdoor light fixtures requires the consideration of aesthetic factors and safety features. All outdoor lights should be approved for use in wet areas so that they remain safe during rain and snow. Installing outdoor lighting with a timer or on a sensor ensures that your home is lit when darkness falls.  This deters burglars and allows for safe passage to the front door. Although one strategically placed outdoor fixture is often sufficient to light a walkway, particularly bumpy outdoor surfaces (such as cobblestone walkways) will benefit from multiple outdoor fixtures to provide the area with an even light. Such safety considerations help consumers narrow down their outdoor lighting options, make the selection process easier, and create a safe outdoor environment.
Outdoor Landscape Lighting


Outdoor lighting options generally embrace one of two prevalent trends. The first method is to use flood lights and landscape lights to provide subtle lighting which casts a wondrous illumination upon your landscaping or your home’s architectural design. The second option includes wall fixtures and lampposts which provide light while making a more noticeable contribution to your outdoor décor. While bronze light fixtures have historically been the popular outdoor light of choice, cast aluminum light fixtures have recently become trendy.  Cast aluminum’s fabulous style options and rust-resistant finishes are drawing consumers to them. Cast aluminum outdoor lighting is a perfect compliment to both cast aluminum patio furniture and many types of wood outdoor furniture. Many models of landscape lights and flood lights are also available in cast aluminum to ensure enduring illumination for many years.On Track Lighting offers hundreds of outdoor light fixtures from the country’s top lighting manufacturers. Browse our expansive selection of outdoor fixtures to find designs that will be perfect for your walkway, backyard, patio or porch. We offer light fixtures that meet every lighting need and style preference, always at the lowest possible prices.

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