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Landscape Photography Courses

photography landscape
3 Day Landscape Photography Workshop - dawn to dusk
The landscape photography course puts you into contact with some of the best photographers in the country. They will offer you an invaluable insight into their thinking and working methodologies. Talking you through their practices and explaining how they go about shooting their award winning images. At the same time you will be guided on practical excursions and given the opportunity to shoot your own images of Guernsey’s magnificent coastal scenery.
Guernsey’s wild coast offers huge scope to the dedicated photographer.  Both amateurs and professionals have explored its secluded sandy bays and rugged cliffs.  Picturesque harbours abound while ancient fortifications pepper the coastline.  Whatever the weather, there is invariably a scene worth capturing.
Our landscape tutors know the island like the back of their hand and will take students to many secret spots that even locals themselves haven’t visited.  With a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips it is our aim on this course to offer hands-on demonstrations and one-to-one advice. With seminars and discussions in our comfortable, spacious and fully equipped studio, combined with outdoor work “in the field” we will push you beyond the scope of magazines and books.  There is only so much you can learn from the written word.  For while it has its place in teaching the fundamentals of our craft, photographic articles are written for the masses and cannot take into account the capabilities and restrictions of the individual – our courses however, can.  Our tutors will analyse your work and your technique to ascertain exactly how and where your skills can be improved. Many photographers come so very close to taking great photographs, but never quite get there.  Whether it’s a tweak in composition, a better understanding of their equipment or an inability to see the light – we can set you on the right road to fantastic imagery.  In building on individuals’ strengths and helping them recognise their weaknesses, we guarantee to improve the standard of your photography.
While the debate rages on whether or not images should or should not be doctored on the computer we believe that a certain degree of “tweaking” is fine.  Especially as most RAW files go nowhere near fulfilling their potential until they are processed to maximise colour and contrast.  Beyond the basics we look further into how shots can be revamped and other useful techniques such as working with layers, layer masks and stitching panoramics.

What you will learn on location:

Envisaging “the shot”
Planning ahead
Viewpoint and composition
Using Hyperfocal distance
Medium & Large Formats
Creative use of shutter-speed
Shooting water
When to use filters
Getting good shots in all conditions
Knowing your home patch
Recognising the best light

What you will learn in the studio:

Enhancing colour and contrast.
Selective colour and tonal improvements
Getting Better Skies
High dynamic range composites
Stitching images for panoramics
Converting digital files to black & white
Optimising images for print

Lecturer & Group Critique:

Picture Critique
Artistic Interpretation
Composition Techniques & discussions
Analysing your work
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