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October 25, 2010 Posted by Home and Fashion
Residential Lighting

Enhance the beauty of your home and landscape with custom landscape lighting from experienced professionals at Natural Concepts. Our unique designs provide beautiful effects. We will transform your landscape into a work of art, creating an inviting home, gorgeous back yard, and incredible views from inside your home.

A Natural Concepts Lighting designer will visit your property and design a Landscape Lighting system to fit your property, lifestyle and budget. We offer creative design, finest quality equipment, and prompt customer service. Good lighting doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive!  Let us provide you a design consultation at no cost or obligation.

    * We design using Mercury Vapor, Incandescent, and excellent Low Voltage Halogen systems.

    * Our lighting equipment is the finest available in the industry and carries the longest warranties.

    * Ken Griess, company founder, has over 25 years design and management experience in the landscape and landscape lighting industry in Southeast Texas.

    * We are licensed electrical contractors, and we use our own employees. We do not use subcontractors, which keeps control of quality and costs.

    * We service all types of landscape lighting, even if we didn't install it. We can service the small jobs that need lamp replacement, up to the large system renovation. Whether you have a Low Voltage system, or a extensive Mercury Vapor system, we can help. Call us to see how we may assist you.

home and lighting
“I have been a client of Natural Concepts for years. They have beautifully illuminated our yard and installed the mosquito protection system. I wholeheartedly recommend this fine company for your home or business.” 

~Tony Mandola, Restaurant Owner – Houston

Lighting Solutions

home and lighting

Landscape Lighting Design    
Natural Concepts designs a wide variety of lighting systems to help homeowners maximize the beauty, functionality, and security for their property.

home and lighting
Feature Lighting     
Waterfalls, Fountains, Statues, and other non-plant elements in the landscapes are beautifully illuminated using specialty feature lighting. Our designs are artistic, and often resemble theatrical lighting when we highlight a feature. The most dramatic effect is when we contrast the cool color of moonlighting with the warm color of the feature – the results are spectacular!

home and lighting
Planned aesthetic uplighting allows satisfying enjoyment of a home and landscape, well into the evening hours. Our designs accent selected trees, shrubs, and flower beds through artistic applications, using an assortment of lighting fixtures and with strategic placement. Each Natural Concepts lighting design uses many of the same elements found in a professional landscape design: balance, texture, placement, color, and intensity. The result can be dramatic and breathtaking.

home and lighting
Low Voltage Lighting     
This is one of many types of lighting available.  The warm color lends itself well to all elements of Landscape Lighting, capturing the beauty of your surroundings.  Low Voltage is very versatile, and can illuminate your home’s façade, uplight plant material, highlight features, flower beds or even rock formations.  Our Designers will discuss options with you, and make recommendations for the best lighting system that fits your preferences and budget.
home and lighting

Facade Lighting     
This is the best way to create a warm and inviting appearance to your home.  Many times we illuminate plant material with the intent of also illuminating the façade, which creates beautiful, characteristic shadow patterns.
home and lighting
For years we have been known as the designers of “moonlighting” throughout Southeast Texas. This involves the placement of specialty lighting high into the canopies of trees, creating soft, beautiful night-time shadow patterns, illuminating the lawn, landscape, and often the facade of the house. Moonlighting provides excellent safety and security, while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

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