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October 20, 2010 Posted by Home and Fashion

Milan 2009: Euroluce Lighting Exhibition

We saw quite a few environmentally-conscious trends at the Milan Furniture Fair’s bi-annual showcase of lighting products, Euroluce. With energy use in mind, LEDs showed up from almost every company. As an extremely efficient and small bulb, the LED allows its surrounding fixtures to morph into innovative forms that highlight the beauty of light. Also in hot demand at Euroluce this year are shades made from natural or recycled fibers, whether strung, woven, or draped — or some combination of the above. The shades help to create soft, glowing light — thanks to their translucent material — but they are also nice to look at when the light is off. Euroluce is showing a variety of lighting options that differ in aesthetics and innovation, and we are happy to report that many of the designs are evidence that environmental responsibility is an important agenda item.
The Lullaby Inflatable Chandelier by Poland-based puff-buff is available in white, black, or transparent and includes a compact fluorescent bulb.
Philips’ new line of Ledino lighting fixtures boast high light output, 80% energy savings, 20 years of life, are cool to the touch, dimmable, low voltage, and feature a warm 3100 kelvin color.
Beautiful natural fiber shades by Ango.
What could be more eco friendly than shadows? These wonderful, whimsical designs by Cologne Absolut Lighting use LED lights in front of sheet metal plates to cast a variety of playful shadows.
LED Light products
Puff-buff’s inflatable PVC bubbles link together to make curtains or other shapes. Each bubble has an LED light included.
LED Light products
This beautiful design by Christopher LaBrooy is composed of gathered synthetic felt shade hung over a dome and features a compact fluorescent light source.
LED Light products
Canadian design group Molo showcased their “Urchin” line of voluminous lighting products. The webbed paper design can be linked together at the ends by magnets embedded in the product, making them modular. The “Urchin” is available in craft paper or waterproof tyvek, with three color options (brown, black, white). Molo also has a new website with videos describing how to configure and use the products.
LED Light products
The “LED Stick” lights by Catellani and Smith are so delicate and thin, they almost disappear. Enzo Catellani calls the LED the “fifth light source created by man” following the incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, and iodides. The “LED Stick” is dimmable, and come in a range of colors.
LED Light products
This collection of surface-mounted LED lights by LEDS C4 allow a designer to create inventive patterns with energy-efficient lighting. The lights are also available in a range of kelvin (color) temperatures.
LED Light products
“Una Spot 8w” by Danese Milano has a recyclable aluminum structure with a printed circuit board LED light source. Made up of just these two components, the fixtures are minimal in material, but big on function. They are available as floor, wall or table lamps and can adjust in position and light intensity.

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