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October 12, 2010 Posted by Home and Fashion
Home Landscape Design Lighting
Investing in a professionally planned outdoor lighting system will quickly earn you the respect of your neighbors if you have it done correctly.  Adding decorative luminaires to your home and property will create layers of light that bespeak of warmth and welcome.  Facade lights can illuminate the entire face of your home with glare free light that will not disturb your neighbors.  Lanterns can hang by your doorway to greet guests, and mercury vapor fixtures installed innocuously in the upper branches shine a cascade of ambient light downward around the trunk, roots, and surrounding earth. 

If you plan your outdoor lighting with safety, security, and aesthetics in mind, you attractively illuminate your house in a way that reflects value and sensibility without overpowering its surroundings.
Dark areas and shadows around the home create opportunities for trespassing and can also present trip and fall hazards to those visiting your property.  Yards are especially vulnerable near the corners of fences under the shadows of large trees, and near garages that create narrow alleys between the home and the back yard fence line.  Not only do these places offer a great deal of darkness to conceal an intruder, but they can easily pose a hazard to children and guests not familiar with the property.  Home security lighting can be incorporated into your outdoor lighting plan to provide a secure perimeter that discourages prowlers and washes out the dark spots in hidden places. 

Flood lights work best when installed with lighting controls that allow you to directly manipulate lighting levels.
This needs to be done by a professional outdoor lighting contractor.  Some retail grade flood lights will not work with lighting controls, and if you leave them on at full strength, you may annoy your neighbors.  An ILD lighting expert can offer you a more effective outdoor lighting plan that incorporates the use of wall dimmers into specification grade flood lights.  Lutron wall box dimmer controls will allow you to raise or lower lighting levels at will and minimize the risk of light pollution that could disturb surrounding residences.  They also extend lamp life and minimize the need to keep replacing fixtures (something you will have to do frequently if you buy cheap retail lights.)

Lighting control will in turn allow you to use flood lights for more than simple security lighting.
You can plan the foundation of your outdoor lighting around specification grade flood lights provided you have them professionally installed in such a manner as to create two or more layers of lighting.  Linking each flood to a dimmer control allows you to change the light in different places and create impressive mood altering effects.  This is ideal for special event lighting if you plan on having yard parties in the warmer times of the year.  You can also use low voltage landscape flood lighting to accent areas where you plan to have a lot of outdoor activities.  Places like the playground, grill, spots behind the garage, and trash areas all need clear visibility to avoid a mishap.

Additional layers of light can then be added to your outdoor lighting plan that evolves function into aesthetic.
ILD landscape lighting designers can help you create up to four overlapping layers that surround keynote architectural features and indigenous vegetation on your property—effectively uniting your home with Nature itself.  If you work with an expert lighting planner, you will find that your options for outdoor decorative lighting are more than you can count.  Tree lighting and ornamental fixtures are only two ways we do this.  Other techniques involve path and step lighting and specialized garden and pathway lighting design.  If you have a gazebo or deck, these structures can be cost effectively lit with special deck lights to provide keynote landmarks that compliment the house lighting and landscape lighting of your premises—emphasizing the qualities that make your property an exemplary model of homes in your neighborhood.
The value and appeal of any house whose outdoor tree lighting has been planned as part of a community rather than a self-centered showcase becomes immediately admired by others because it represents not only what is best in your lifestyle, but what is best in theirs as well.  Rather than creating envy, it will motivate them all to consider an outdoor lighting plan of their own.
Our landscape lighting designers are some of the best in the business. They understand how light works and where the light should go to maximize your visual nighttime enjoyment. No tree is too high for our professional tree climbers! We are experienced in all forms of outdoor landscape lighting from simple low voltage systems to more complicated high voltage mercury vapor lighting systems. We stock a full range of landscape lighting materials such as fixtures, lamps and replacement parts. We not only service what we sell, but we can assist you with repairs or maintenance to existing outdoor landscape lighting systems installed by our competitors. All of our technicians are experienced licensed professionals and we subcontract no work to outside vendors.  The results will be spectacular!

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