Outdoor Christmas Lighting Decorating

November 19, 2010 Posted by Home and Fashion
How to hang outdoor Christmas lights?

 Decorated trees in yard

Have you driven around your neighborhood at Christmas and been amazed and delighted at the bright and sometimes even theatrical displays of outdoor Christmas lights in other people’s yards and houses.  Don’t be scared, this year decide that you are going to create a little outside magic of your own!
The trick is to start the preparation for hanging the outdoor Christmas lights early, while the weather is still warm!  One of the simplest ways of dressing your house is to run strings of hanging icicles around the top of your house.  You will need to buy metal hooks and screw these in just under the roof.  When it gets to nearer Christmas time all you will then have to do is drape your outdoor Christmas lights over the hooks and switch them on.  You can even put up your outdoor  Christmas lights in October or November when the weather is milder and just leave them off until it is time to light up. Just make sure to test that they are working before putting them up.
Another easy and effective way to brighten up your yard is to drape outdoor lights around a tree, if you have one, if you do not you can buy an artificial Christmas tree that will last you for years.  Make sure that you have a plug nearby to plug your outdoor Christmas lights into and cover the cable so that it cannot be walked on or tripped over. And if you do not fancy leaving your cozy home to turn the lights on and off you can use a battery and timer control.  So let this be the year that you make the outside of your house special with your outdoor Christmas lighting.

How to attract more customers to your business with outdoor Christmas lights?

 Outdoor Lighting Christmas
Tasteful Christmas lighting on a shop

 As Christmas approaches shops and businesses are aware that people are thinking of giving presents and spending money. Christmas decorations inside of their premises are likely to put people in the festive spirit, but more importantly outdoor Christmas lights are likely to give a welcoming feel that will draw people into the shop.
Choosing a color and a theme for outdoor Christmas lights is very important as we live in multicultural society it is important that none of the customers feel alienated by the decor. It is probably best to avoid nativity scenes or Hanukkah theme lights, white outdoor lights are very bright and neutral but still manage to have a jolly holiday feel and are always fashionably classic.
Extending the lighting to areas outside of the front of your building can also give an extra wow factor! Perhaps there is a dull tree or lamppost nearby that could be brightened up and made to sparkle. A parking lot could also benefit from outdoor Christmas lighting to brighten it up and make it look attractive and more importantly to draw those customers in.

Chrissline Outdoor Christmas Light Chain Add-On Kit - 100 White

 Outdoor Lighting Christmas
The professional solution for outdoor Christmas decoration especially for trees.
The effective Chrissline range simply plugs from one fitting to the next from just one power source!

Beginning with a Starter Kit you can create a complete network of lighting by adding Chrissline Add-on Kits, Light Nets, Tees and Extension Cords up to 1000 lights!

Bulb Colour

10.3 mtrs

Additional Information
Length from plug to first lamp 1.5 mtrs from lamp to lamp 0.1 mtrs
Includes 100 lamp/s
Includes fused plug 230V
IP44 Weather Rated

Requires Chrissline Starter Kit as this Add-On Kit has no power supply.

Link up to 1000 lights total or 100 mtrs with just 1 power supply.

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