Top 4 Things To Consider Before Hiring a Company to Install Your Outdoor Lighting

December 12, 2010 Posted by Home and Fashion
The demand for Outdoor Landscape and Architectural lighting is exploding! People are realizing how magnificent their home can look lit up in
the evening. But, in order to get that “wow” when your lighting turns on in the evening there are some thing to consider when hiring the company that will install the product correctly and with the right design. There are some thing  choosing a professional company is very important! You do not want to hire the guy who is one day installing lighting; the next day he’s washing cars; the next day he’s growing corn somewhere in a field; known as Bubba. You may ask yourself- why not? What is the difference between Bubba and the professionals? There is a big difference:

1. Professionalism

Bubba shows up to your house in his faded blue overalls because he just got done picking his corn for the day- 15 minutes late. As he pulls in your driveway he realizes he forgot to take off the magnet on the side of his truck that says “Bubba the corn grower- call 1-800-GROW CORN” He scrambles trying to find the right magnet that says “Bubba the lighting guy” hoping you don’t see him out the window. Bubba finds the magnet and slaps it on the side of the truck. Bubba is hoping to sell the lighting system to make a few extra bucks and he thinks “how hard can it be to slap in some lights?” Bubba will try as hard as he can to convince you to purchase the lights from him. But what is Bubba’s knowledge when it comes to the design and installation of the product? You tell me- he put the magnet on upside down.
A professional lighting company will be different. They will have a great website you can go to before the meeting that will educate you about the company and products available. The professional lighting consultant will show up to your house right on time- if not a few minutes early in a clean nice vehicle. They will be clean-cut and dressed nice. You will be provided very useful literature to look over. They will also sit down with you inside your home and answer any questions you may have. They will explain the installation process and also fill you in about any new trends in the industry. Outdoor lighting will be the only thing they do. 

2. Products

Bubba won’t have supplier he can go to. He will go to the local home improvement store to purchase the products. Your selection will be limited.
A professional lighting company which is typically a franchise; will have their own supplier. This supplier will provide fixtures that are the highest quality and made from the best materials which will result in unmatched warranties. You will be given the option to choose from a variety of fixtures. A professional company can get their hands on any product you are interested in.
3. Warranties
A warranty is only as good as the company that provides the
warranty. If you have Bubba- the lighting guy; car washer and corn grower- install your lighting; there is a good chance Bubba will be out of business in no time at all! Out of business=no warranty!
A professional lighting company will have warranties they can truly stand by. If the company has been in business at least 5 years; there is a good chance they will stay in business which will protect the warranties you have on your system.

4. Knowledge

What does Bubba know about installing a proper lighting system? You should ask questions about his training and knowledge.
 A professional lighting consultant should answer these questions before you have to ask them yourself.
Yes. Bubba will be cheaper than the professional. You will save money. But saving some money in the beginning will give you a cheaper,
lower quality product with probably no warranties in the future. Thus, the investment is not such a good investment because the system turns to junk! Outdoor lighting is an investment for a home. The team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives are trained professionals that install a high quality system. You can be confident the system will last for a long time because it was properly installed and you can be confident the company will be around to take care of any service or warranty issues.

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