The Importance of Lighting Design

January 9, 2011 Posted by Home and Fashion
“Lighting can make all the difference between mundane and dramatic. Even the simplest architecture takes on a magnificent appearance with properly placed lighting fixtures.” 

Outdoor Lighting Fixture
The choices of lighting fixtures available for us today are limitless and comes in an array of styles with different functions which is why is important for us to have a basic understanding on what type of lighting fixture serves a specific purpose. The right lighting fixtures can work wonders for your home. Useful not only for illuminating certain tasks, the right lighting can also serve to accentuate your home’s style and décor. If carefully chosen and properly installed, light fixtures can add beauty and drama both indoors and outdoors. Likewise, the right type of lighting can boost safety and comfort in and around your residence. 

The Indoor Lighting Effect
Lighting Fixture For Bathroom
Most of us are familiar with “interior design” or “landscape design” yet not particularly concerned about “lighting design”. Fact is, proper lighting design can make all the difference in how your home will look and feel; it can dramatically alter the appearance of your home and can transform a boring living space into a soothing and stunning showpiece. Lighting design goes far beyond choosing appealing fixtures and plugging them in. At its most basic, lighting design involves employing different light levels that work together to highlight unique features of each room and address specific illumination requirements. Understanding the fundamentals of lighting is the key in selecting home lighting fixtures.

The Outdoor Lighting Advantage
Landscape Garden Lights Fixture
Light fixtures are not just for use indoors. Specially designed lighting fixtures can also enhance the exterior of your property by illuminating paths and brightening doorways, simultaneously preventing accidents and deterring intruders. Exterior light fixtures can both brighten and beautify your garden, pond, deck, fountain, trees, shrubs, and driveways. 

Value Added To Home:

A good lighting design should also provide more efficient light sources so that it can translate into savings in terms of money and energy. According to a survey of realtors, home buyers respond positively to homes that are well lit. Some suggest that a well-designed lighting scheme could give you a competitive advantage and make your home stand out in the crowd.

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