Professional outdoor landscape lighting

January 24, 2011 Posted by Home and Fashion
Professional outdoor landscape lighting at a reasonable price. I offer help in design and installation of low voltage lights.
Let me help you create a lighting paradise that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space at night.
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Outdoor landscape lighting:
        *Enhances the beauty of you home
        *Illuminates the natural features of your landscape
        *Provides added safety
        *Provides security allowing you to see your property at
        *I use low voltage wiring with quality light fixtures. 

    * I am an exclusive installer of Alliance low voltage lamps. These lamps are made of solid cast brass. They are an upgrade from the standard aluminum fixtures that are susceptible to corrosion in the harsh desert soil.

    * I have the knowledge and experience to wire your lights properly. Every bulb is a professional grade Halogen bulb and is wired so that each lamp receives between 10.8 and 12.0 volts of electricity. If your lights are not installed properly, the bulbs will burn out prematurely because of being under-volted or over-volted.

    * Each component of your lighting system must be designed and installed properly. The transformer must be the correct capacity, the wire must be the correct size, and the fixtures must be placed in the best location to give you the professional lighting effect you desire. Let us design a lighting system for your yard that will last for the years to come and give you the peace of mind and enjoyment of your landscaping at night.

    * As a professional in the lighting industry, All Style Contracting is committed to providing the best quality and the best installation you can have for your yard and landscaping. I will properly design a custom lighting system for your yard that adds night time beauty and safety.

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