The Vienna Way Residence with Best Outdoor Decorations & Landscape by Marmol Radziner

January 3, 2011 Posted by Home and Fashion
Best Outdoor Landscape Vienna Way Residence
Vienna Way residence is modern house design with the beautiful California extensively landscape. Best floor plans to ceiling glazing and outdoor living spaces fully integrate the homes. Working within the constraints posed by the narrow site, the design of the plot is divided into three parts, with the two main volumes inscribed on the outer edges of the property, by a bridge of the sunken kitchen at the center. The one-story structure houses south to a large room that combines formal living and dining rooms. The structure starts at the front of the property and results in an outdoor dining patio. A large expanse of glass along the east provides a visual and spatial link to the pool area.
The structure extends from north of the rear of the property forward, also leading to an outdoor living space and contains more informal, private spaces, including a family room and an office on the first floor and bedrooms on the second floor. Glazing down the hall on the second floor with views of the green roof (above the kitchen) and treetops below.
The kitchen is at the center of the residence, connecting public and private sectors and provide views of the pool, side and rear yard property. From the outside, the kitchen consists of a brass box which emphasizes its importance and the contrast with the plaster facade is in the main volume of the residence.
Apart from overcoming the two main volumes, the kitchen is the center of an area related to water that begins at the front with a pool and flows through the kitchen and its green roof, and continues in the river landscape of the courtyard planted with rushes, reeds and banana trees. These plantations give way to a large yard full of buffalo grass and surrounded by oaks and other native plants of California. Here is best ideas and inspiration residence with outdoor decorations and beautiful landscape from Los Angeles based architect by Marmol Radziner and Associates.
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