Unique Outdoor Lighting, One of a Kind Lighting for Your Home`s Exterior

February 17, 2011 Posted by Home and Fashion
Unique Outdoor Lighting such as cool Outdoor Party Lighting can make that special occasion one that you will remember for all time. Outdoor Rope Lighting is another excellent example being both cost effective and adaptable. Both have a unique feel about them and are not often seen so are specialised in that sense.
Outdoor String Lighting is also a Lighting Fixture that I like very much as you can use it for almost any occasion, whether it be during the festive period, at Christmas time, or if you are hosting an outdoor garden party say, or any time of the year in fact.
In the photograph below you will see the way multi-colored garden lighting is used to excellent effect. In this instance Outdoor Tree Lighting is used to illuminate spectacularly a tree with a beautiful red glowing light. It looks kind of eerie so perhaps this might have been taken during Halloween night. Definitely spooky though.
unique outdoor lighting
Outdoor Security Lighting is also unique in that it serves a single purpose by way of illuminating areas of your home and exterior so as to deter thieves. Although the purpose is unique any external Lighting Fixture that comes on at night could be classed as Security Lighting.
Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting is another luminaire that could be classified as unique simply due to how it is powered, by the Sun. Previous visitors to this website will know that I am a very strong advocate of Solar Powered Lighting as it virtually maintenance free, very simple to install (no wiring etc) and costs next to nothing to run.
If ever the saying: “It sells itself” was more apt then that saying was simply made for Solar Powered Lighting.
About as unique as you can possibly get is the beautiful chandelier in the next photograph below. The UNICEF “Snowflake” symbol of hope for children worldwide. It is the largest outdoor chandelier of its kind weighing in at 3,300 pounds.
It contains more than 16,000.00 Baccarat Crystal Prisms and measures 16ft x 16ft . It is a beacon of hope, peace and compassion for vulnerable children around the world so if you can I would try to go see it, it is an amazing sight:-).
unique outdoor lighting
Outdoor Gas Lighting holds tastes of “Days-Gone-By” and a sense of history about it and conjures up that “Olde World Charm” feeling. Reproduction models can be picked up quite cheaply but you can also occasionally see for sale originals at a few hundred dollars apiece or maybe a bit more depending on the condition of the item in question.
Outdoor Hanging Lighting such as Outdoor Pendant Lighting. is a fixture that I really like because they are unusual and you do not often see them. This is no doubts due to the weather elements but these days one can buy them with special coating to protect against the weather and double insulated wiring which also stops dampness and water getting in.
In the final Unique Outdoor Lighting photograph below you will see a charming little ceiling light fitment. These are excellent when situated under the porch are of your home.Looks really sweet I think you will agree:-).
unique outdoor lighting
Cheap Outdoor Lighting is another unique lighting fixture but cheapness need not necessarily mean you will need to compromise when it comes to quality and safety. Really good Unique Outdoor Lighting can be picked up fairly cheaply if you shop around.But one thing to note, if you are going to go down the secondhand route please do ensure that you get the fixture passed for safety by a qualified electrician before you have it installed. Electricity and Safety are two words that go together very well I think you will agree:-).

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