Walkway Lighting

February 28, 2011 Posted by Home and Fashion
Walkway Lighting
walkway lighting

I was online taking a look at the various solar walkway lights available on the market, when I came across a device called simply, the Best Solar Powered Walkway Light. Not a particularly interesting name, but rather memorable, if only for the fact that it makes such a generous claim. Intrigued, I thought I’d take a closer look at it. Here’s what I saw. First of all, let me talk a little bit about how it looks. The device comes in the form of a stake, so that basically means that, in order to light your walkway, you basically need to drive several of these products into the ground alongside your path. The idea of using a stake type of device makes sense if on both sides of your walkway you have dirt. If however, your walkway is flanked by concrete or something similar, then you won’t be able to make use of this type of device. Still, the stake makes for a rather straightforward and convenient way of installing this device in a particular location. If you’d like to relocate it, or make some adjustments, it’s pretty easy for you to simply pull it out and shove it back into the soil somewhere else. While you have a stake at the bottom of this device, the middle portion contains the light fixture, and the top portion is where you can find a solar panel. The body of this device appears to be made of stainless steel, so it does come across as having more of a modern look. The lines are clean, and the design is simple but elegant. If you’re going for a more traditional look, this may not work for you, but it’s still worth taking a look at. It is claimed that the device is rustproof. It is also claimed that the device is very durable. Both of these make for rather significant advantages, given that this device will almost certainly be used outdoors where it would be subjected to the elements on a continuous basis. It is also claimed that the device should be able to keep its light running for around thirteen hours. That’s huge. Other devices I’ve seen only claim durations of maybe twelve hours, maybe ten, possibly even less. With thirteen hours, you’re quite certain that your walkway will be lit from sunset to sunrise. If your main purpose for this device is illumination and security, then it would be very important indeed for this light to last as long as it’s dark outside. If however, your purpose is more for ambience or aesthetics, then the duration of the light might not be as important for you. Speaking of ambience, it should also be noted that this device gives off a white light. While this glow works best for illumination and security purposes, if you’re trying to create a mood or a particular look, it may not be quite what you’re looking for. It must be noted that other devices on the market offer lighting in other colors, such as orange, yellow, blue, that sort of thing. So that’s my take on this particular device. I hope you have found this discussion useful. If you’d like to take a closer look at this device you can head for the Hammacher Schlemmer website. Thank you for reading this article.
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