Outdoor Spot Lighting

March 28, 2011 Posted by Home and Fashion
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Outdoor spot lighting - Most professionally installed landscape outdoor lighting systems use at least 35 watt bulbs for spot/accent lights and 20 watt bulbs for path/border lights. Outdoor spot lighting , on the other hand, are typically limited to 20 watt bulbs for the path/border lights and 10 watt bulbs for the path/border lights. You might be wondering at this point what outdoor spot lighting are actually good for driveway and walkways.  These lights are meant to safely and unobtrusively illuminate the outline perimeter of driveway and walkways. You should expect all of the lights in the package to look identical unless you purchase one that contains both outdoor spot lighting and path lights. While the outdoor spot lighting and path lights may have different designs, each path light will look the same as the next and each outdoor spot lighting will have the same design as the next.
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Outdoor Spot Lighting
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