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March 3, 2011 Posted by Home and Fashion
Outdoor Walkway Lighting
Taking an enchanting moonlight walk along your carefully manicured walkways and pathways can be a challenge without the helpful guidance of Walkway Lights or Path Lights. Even when the moon is full, there may not be enough light to prevent you or your companion from accidentally stepping off of the path and squashing flowers or other plants that grow quietly on either side of the walk.
Enchanting moonlit walks aside, lighting your walkways and path ways with Outdoor Lighting simply makes sense for safety reasons. Front yards and back yards, whether landscaped or not, can contain numerous tripping hazards that are difficult to see at night. Steps and uneven surfaces are only two of the unseen dangers in many yards. Walkway and Path Lights can help guide visiting guests, family members, and even yourself along the safest route. Additionally, Walkway and Path Lights can add an additional layer of security to your home by helping to deter intruders.
Many styles of Walkway and Path Lighting are available to complement your home's exterior, and the choice and placement of your lighting fixtures can suit your unique landscape and personal tastes. Position bollards, tiers, or scalloped lights on either side of an existing path or walkway, or create a new path by arranging your outdoor lighting fixtures in a configuration that works best for your yard.
When properly implemented, Walkway Lighting creates symmetrical patterns of light for illuminating walkways and steps. Use in open areas where plant growth will not interfere with light distribution. Avoid the runway look by staggering the spacing of your lights.
Premier Walkway Outdoor Lighting

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Walkway Outdoor Lighting Effects
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