Modern Lighting Design

April 26, 2011 Posted by Home and Fashion
Modern Lighting
With the Modern Lighting concept you can accentuate what is special, and create the specific ambiance you desire. Since Modern Lighting has manifold applications, is designed for long-term use and is equipped with intelligent technology, it is the perfect instrument for modern light design.
Modern Lighting1
With fascinating light bands and elegant flame lights from the Modern Lighting series, gardens, natural parks and charming fountains are transformed into unimaginably stunning sights. Trees are turned into light sculptures, paths into alleys of illumination. Modern Lighting artistically enhances grown structures and creates a completely new mode of perception. With Modern Lighting functional lighting in corridors, at exterior staircases, in parking lots or along pedestrian precincts is made stylish and high-quality. Robust design luminaires made from stainless steel defy even extreme strain. High-quality safety glass guarantees compliance with necessary provisions and also provides reliable protection against damage caused through vandalism. The use of energy-saving LED technology significantly reduces maintenance costs.
Modern Lighting2
Modern Lighting livens up bleak industrial monuments, dull walls and cold concrete surfaces with complex light design. Individual solutions and drafts give each object its individual profile. Combined with audio and video installations or as autonomous artworks of illumination, industrial buildings reveal their unimagined beauty.
Modern Lighting3
Modern Lighting refines demanding architecture, and makes it visibly luxurious. Stylish light accentuations and eye-catching light installations combine edificial lines to create imposing colour spaces. Due to their compactness, innovative LEDs enable artistic freedom. Since colour fidelity is also guaranteed in the case of dimmed light, reliable elegance is provided in every situation.
Modern Lighting4
Hotel lobbies, terraces, swimming pools, reception desks and galleries are all subtly, effectively and harmoniously put in the right light by Modern Lighting.
Modern Lighting5
Modern Lighting6
Modern Lighting7

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