LED for Garden Lighting Solution

May 26, 2011 Posted by Home and Fashion
If you’re looking to light up your garden in an eco-friendly manner, Solar Cynergy’s Solar LED lighting solutions are just the ticket. There’s a lot of solar lighting out there for landscaping, but I happen to like how this company’s lighting solutions look when implemented. For example:
Solar Led Garden Lighting
This display is of of course around a pool, but you can imagine how awesome it would look around a curvy garden too. Here’s a more residential landscape idea for a garden path…
Solar Led Garden Lighting_1
Solar Cynergy’s features will win you over too…
  • Working Temp: -4 degrees to 158 F
  • Their system combines LEDs with a tiny photovolatic cell. Solar Cynergy’s LEDs are made of Polycarbonite Resin (read strong) and PC/ABS.
  • Lights are reported to run for 15 hours after charging for 8 in the sun.
  • NO battery needed. (capacitor technology)
  • 10 Year Warranty, 25+ year life
  • Uses quality Nichia LEDs
  • Weather resilient so perfect for outdoor lighting.
  • Many choices of color and comes in three residential shapes – circle, square, rectangle.
  • So well made and strong you can walk, bike, or even drive right over them.
  • Perfect accent for landscapes, pathways, driveways
Also, even during the day, these lights don’t look obtrusive. They just appear as pretty blocks of color…
Solar Led Garden Lighting_2
Visit Solar Cynergy to learn more.

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