Ceiling Lighting

August 4, 2011 Posted by Home and Fashion
Ceiling lighting is such a broad term and covers a whole range of lighting options including crystal ceiling lights, decorative ceiling lights, flush ceiling lights, low energy ceiling lights, single glass pendant ceiling lights, semi flush ceiling lights, pendant ceiling lights, Tiffany ceiling lights, pendant ceiling lights, and spotlight ceiling lights. Which one is best for you? Well that’s a good question and depends on what room of the house you are looking at lighting and the style of your house. Let’s look at a few of these ceiling light categories and which rooms and styles they suit the best.
Flush Ceiling Lights – come in a range of styles. Generally speaking they are round, have an outer rim and the light fits inside rim. The outer rim can be silver or gold, and can be styled in a few different ways. These light designs are great in kitchens or in the office of your home as they are simple and give off quite a bit of light so they are practical as well. A few flush ceiling lights are square and can be quite funky in the design which can suit some bedrooms.
Single Glass Pendant Lights – these types of lights are great for dinning rooms because they hang down quite low which looks fabulous over the dinning room table and they create a lovely tone of soft lighting. The actual glass pendant can be of many different shapes and sizes and styles, they can be slender and sleek, or flat and round, this is great because you can choose a light to suit your dinning room style and furniture.
Semi Flush Ceiling Lights – these type of lights are a mixture between lights that hang down low and flush ceiling lights. They are not completely flush to the ceiling but hang down slightly, this is great if the ceilings in your home are not particularly high and cannot have low hanging style lights. You have a wide choice in the design as well such as round and plain, round and traditional funky, or square and contemporary. Perfect for dinning rooms, bedrooms and living rooms.
Decorative Ceiling Lights – lights described as decorative are lights which are more for style and accessorizing purposes. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, flush, semi flush and low hanging, and different array of colours and materials. If you want your lighting to be a decorative piece within that particular room then look in this section you’ll be sure to find something.

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