Landscape architects may design gardens for resorts is the challenge for Landscape Architects

December 31, 2012 Posted by Bunk s
With urban areas having to deal with a steady growth in housing complexes, commercial structures, slum clusters and spiralling traffic in almost all cities of the country the challenge for Landscape Architects is truly daunting. Landscape architects are concerned with the planning , design and construction of the outdoor environment. They plan and design parks, highways, housing complexes, commercial centres, parks and plazas, recreation facilities and nature conservation areas. They work upon any project to integrate functionality and aesthetics with nature. Landscape architecture is
not purely an aesthetic exercise but it blends scientific, architectural and engineering skills.

Landscape architects may design gardens for resorts. Landscape architects design these areas to make them functional, beautiful and compatible with the natural environment planning. The location of buildings, roads and walkways and the arrangement of flowers, shrubs and trees are planned by landscape architects. Natural resource conservation and historic preservation are areas which landscape architects may apply their expertise. They also may redesign streets to limit automobile traffic and to improve pedestrian access and safety.
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