Natural Landscape Painting

December 9, 2009 Posted by Home and Fashion
Natural Landscape Painting, Landscape Yard Pictures - Natural Landscape Painting Landscape Yard Pictures - Natural Landscape Painting
Everyone knows how you see things during the day: sunlight makes it possible. Delivering huge amounts of visible light to the entire "day" side of the planet, everything becomes illuminated to human eyes. But things change rapidly once the Sun goes down. Even with a full Moon in the sky (like last night), the amount of light reaching the Earth at night is over 100 trillion times less than during the day.
Still, we have a great pair of eyes, and instead of narrow pupils with our cones (which see color) forward in our eyes, our pupils dilate, letting more light in, our cones retract, and our rods (which see monochrome in low light) become more prominent. As a result, we can see at night, just not as well as during the day.

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