New Dyrholaey Landscape

December 9, 2009 Posted by Home and Fashion
New Dyrholaey Landscape, Free Landscape Pictures - Natural Landscape Free Landscape Pictures - Natural Landscape
You see, our atmosphere reflects, refracts, and scatters light. The blue light scatters more easily, which means that the reddest light (and infrared light) makes it the farthest. In addition, the Earth absorbs visible light during the day, but re-radiates it as infrared light. This means that any animal that can see these longer wavelengths of light is better adapted to being a nocturnal or crepuscular creature.
In fact, those "night vision" goggles you can get are extra-sensitive to this infrared light, and can produce images like this, thanks in part to thermal heat signals and red light left over from the Sun!

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