Landscape Image of Borobudur Temple

January 24, 2010 Posted by Home and Fashion
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Along with the migration to the central Javanese kingdom of East Java, practical borobudur be neglected anymore. Former volcanic ash that blanketed the media borobudur for the grass grow and shrubs. Small trees begin to make borobudur grew transformed into a stone-covered mound of bush and haunted look that makes people afraid to approach.
In the early 18 th century, British Governor-General named Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, received reports of the existence of a large temple tertutp with bushes. Raffles then sent his officers, H.C. Cornelius to visit the great temple, which was the borobudur. Bush cleared, so that nampaklahsebuah temple with Buddhist statues are many in number. Temple is a sad situation, because so many parts that had collapsed. Many statues are broken, his head was broken and his arm stump. Unfortunately the government did not last long Inggirs. Research and attempt to improve borobudur become dormant again. But since then borobudur starting note. With the opening of the Raffles, many people visit borobudur.

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