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January 24, 2010 Posted by Home and Fashion
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Candi Borobudur Not Just Rock Pile

As one of the seven wonders of the world, Borobudur was built by using the + / - 55,000 m3 of rock. Tall buildings until kepuncak is 42m, with a base width of 123 m. Upright and sturdy towering keangkasa and is part of the history of 12th-century-old. When exactly this temple was founded is not known with certainty. The absence of written evidence caused the full darkness of Borobudur. Determination of age conducted by observing the basic pattern and carved temple-style carvings that show middle of the century Java 8 masehi.Sejak built in the 8th century, the history of emerged borobudur drowned. Once completed, the center borobudur pemngembangan research and Buddhist religions. The followers of this religion, visit Borobudur Buddhist religious learning. The entire series of reliefs borobudur teachings of Buddhist religion. At that time borobudur building became the center of attention and revered as a sacred building.
But it did not last long. Along with the decline of Buddhist religion, its adherents borobudur left. After the dynasty Cailendra (Caila = mountain, Indra = King) disappears, borobudur no news story. Borobudur centuries of darkness closed. There is no writing or news about borobudur.

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