Outdoor Landscape Lighting

December 25, 2010 Posted by Home and Fashion
The popularity of outdoor landscape lighting continues to grow. Very often you see outdoor
lights commonly known as malibu landscape lightsinstalled in the "runway effect" or
landscape path lights lining a pool walkway. When the sun goes down the solar powered
system lights come on. Usually these outdoor fixtures don't highlight any particular element in
the landscape- they just light up.
Outdoor Landscape Lighting
Low Voltage landscape lights can increase security outdoors by discouraging potential
intruders, light up paths, pools, drives and entry areas. Your landscape design can take on
dramatic new "moon lite" looks and showcase architectural features and plant silhouettes
with dramatic lighting techniques. The lighting ideas are endless!!

One common idea or technique -uplighting - focuses light and directs attention on an object
such as a shrub, tree or landscape additions like an arbor or gazebo. Depending on the size,
maturity and location of plant a bullet or well type outdoor lighting fixture could be specified.
It all depends on what needs to be illuminated outdoors.
Outdoor Landscape Lighting
When lighting a landscape path or walkway to an from a deck or patio where safe night
access is required outdoors low voltage light fixtures direct light down and outward. To
prevent glare the fixtures are shielded on top.
Downlighting, or moonlighting is a design technique that illuminates general outdoor areas
for safetly, security and aesthetics. Bullet type fixtures and lamps are selected for required
brightness and amount of illumination. These lamps are usually placed above eye level.
Outdoor Landscape Lighting
Backlighting, or silhouettelighting, gives that "special effect" by illuminating large outdoor
surface areas like walls using a wash light fixture. This causes objects in front of the lighting
to appear as sihouettes.
Outdoor Landscape Lighting
Many other installation techniques, placement and combinations can increase home security,
safety, enjoyment and value. The practical and aesthetic effects created by landscape lighting
are limited only by the existing architectural features, the landscaping and designer creativity.
Outdoor Landscape Lighting
With landscape lighting your landscape can be enjoyed not only during the day but extending
into the evening hours as well....

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