Modern Garden Design by Style Fusion Aguafina

June 16, 2011 Posted by Home and Fashion
Modern Fusion Style Garden Design
Design for garden decor outdoor room of your house the design is so minimalist and modern fusion style of garden design, designed with a duet of asian garden design, contemporary, and western garden design.
Modern Fusion Style Garden Design-1
This provides contemporary furniture, but also provide beautiful asian atmosphere. Calm, cool, and peaceful.
Modern Fusion Style Garden Design-2
You can try adding this fusion-style garden in your backyard if you want a romantic place, for you and your husband may be, or with your family. In a fusion style of garden design, there is a unique rain chain, with a stone basin of water at the bottom,
Modern Fusion Style Garden Design-3
a beautiful patio furniture unique water sculpture in the middle of the water feature, unique Mozaic labyrinth as well garden path and patio umbrellas. Aguifina, the company behind all this fusion-style gardens.

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