Modern Security Lighting for Outdoor

June 19, 2011 Posted by Home and Fashion
Modern Security Lighting for Outdoor
When the evenings draw in and all you can see when you look out of the window is your own reflection, how do you know who is at the bottom of your garden? A correctly sited security light can be a very useful instrument in not only protecting your property against unwanted trespassers, but also a useful and practical fitting for other reasons.
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 Not only does it prevent somebody from creeping about unnoticed in what may be a secluded area or reassure you that there is nobody there when you hear strange noises, but it can also help you on that late night trip to the dustbin or aid you walking up the garden path. It is also very useful to have an override facility that allows you to switch the light on permanently, should you wish to sit out on a summer evening - or even watch the nocturnal wildlife!
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A common mistake when fitting security lights is to fit them too low, (i.e. just above the back door for instance) and then every time they are triggered, you either blind the neighbours who may back on to your garden, or you dazzle yourself so much that when you walk up the garden path or pull on to the driveway, you can't really see where you are going! Our advice is to always install them at a reasonable height, so that they look downwards and provide a larger area of coverage - especially with a 500w lamp. If you do need to install them at low level, we suggest using at most, only a 150w lamp.
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